What began as a long cherished dream moved into the realm of reality, in the year 2003, called JMJ Technologies. As most companies that start with more hope than capital, and more enthusiasm than worry, we at JMJ Technologies opened doors with a vision to harness and leverage technology; a mission to evolve into a powerhouse of creative solutions that deliver on needs and objectives and a promise to do so with the greatest care for detail, aesthetics, purpose, innovation, integrity and common sense.

And as results for work put in with as much care as passion, today we at JMJ Technologies have catered to a diverse and spectacular clientele spread across Denmark, UK, US, NZ, India, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

We were the company we kept… and that’s our people. We would have been just a few tables and chairs, drawing boards, coffee cups, computers and reams of paper and stationary without our people. As a company, we chose to keep the hierarchy in our office flat, and our minds sharp.

Since 2017 however, we were forced by circumstances to change the way we worked. So in its new avatar come 2020, JMJ Technologies now works as a distributed organization – having a core leadership team drive its endeavours with the help of capable individuals and well-run teams.

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JMJ Technologies although an independent entity, is also part of the JMJ Group, a 2nd generation family-run business house based in Karnataka, India.

Mr George D’Almeida is the man at the helm of the group. He has been responsible for both the rapid growth and diversification of the group since the early ‘70s and also for its sizeable philanthropic pursuits.

Although the JMJ Group is based in India, JMJ Technologies began operations in Dubai in the B2B space as a creative outsource partner albeit a key technology enabler in varied capacities for large event management and advertising agencies which are spread across the globe.

Having moved base back into India, it was decided to pursue the B2C segment locally and the effort to approach India-based + non-agency clients for the first time began after July 2009.

Sample Animation: Mobilal

And today, plans are to move into proprietary products and unique creative assets; just a natural evolution.

In January 2014, Silicon India listed JMJ Technologies in their publication as one of the Top 25 Web Design & Development Companies in Bangalore. Grateful? Of course! Satisfied? Not at all.